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Posted:  August 8

Image showing that simplified pricing plans have lower price, but higher value.

The technology driving the SoftwareKey System has been around for over 25 years!  For a long time, our various Protection PLUS licensing clients have been sold separately. A lot has changed since then, and nearly all of our customers now use our Protection + Automation Bundle (the combination of Protection PLUS licensing clients and SOLO Server Automation). This, combined with the fact that we have added new features that offer many new ways for you to license your software and maintain control, has caused us to make changes over time to the pricing plans offered to ​customers.

You Wanted Simplified Pricing, So Did We!

Our ​legacy ​pricing plans for using the SoftwareKey System technology had several one-time setup fees based upon MANY ​​factors, as did the monthly fee.

​​​​It was clear that our increasingly-complex pricing model was getting confusing as it evolved over time, since it even made ​our ​heads spin​! We knew we needed a better way to communicate SoftwareKey System pricing that would ​benefit ​our customers and our staff.

​​​New, Simpler Monthly Plans Now Available!

Our company's ​first priority was ​to move away from a complex a-la-carte pricing model to one that included what most ​customers needed. Our new plans now provide:

  1. ​Easy access to all of the Protection PLUS licensing clients that are ​needed for their products​.
  2. ​Exciting new licensing features such as Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing.
  3. A no-setup-fee option for "DIY" ​customers comfortable ​with designing their own license implementation.
  4. ​​GDPR Support

​​​We invested ​a significant amount ​of ​effort analyzing and re-analyzing ​the usage patterns of our existing customers. At the conclusion of our data analysis, it was obvious that our ​large current customer base fell into ​clearly-delineated categories. This was a nice ​confirmation that we were on the right track with our simplified-pricing project and are happy to announce the new and improved SoftwareKey System Pricing plans.

Frequently Asked ​Questions

Will existing customers be forced to choose one of these new plans?​

Customers wishing to use the ​new licensing features such as Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing may need to ​upgrade their plan.  Also, a small number of customers (mainly those who use our services in a non-typical way) may find a price advantage in switching to one of the new plans. We periodically review accounts and will contact ​customers ​during this process.

Can I switch from one plan to another?

Yes, it is possible to switch from one plan to another at any time.​

What is the ​cancellation policy​?

​You can cancel the services at any time with a 30-day written notice.

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