Protection PLUS and Instant PLUS Released

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Posted:  October 6

Protection PLUS Release

Instant PLUS

Through the help of our high quality support and communication with our customers, we continually re-evaluate the features we provide to come up with new ways to improve Instant PLUS. This release of Instant PLUS tackled a couple aspects to increase simplicity and flexibility.

More simplicity:
When using the /OPENLF command-line switch to initialize license file and alias permissions during installation of a protected application, both 32-bit and 64-bit registry locations are now initialized. This allows you to just wrap the included 32-bit helper.exe and use the /OPENLF command-line switch without the need to create a separate 64-bit helper application that also uses the /OPENLF command-line switch. This simplifies deployment for protected applications that need to run as 32-bit and 64-bit applications (such as Microsoft Office add-ins or macros).

More flexibility:
A new IP2LIB_FLAGS_USE_XML_PATH flag was added to the CallIp and CallIpEx functions in the Instant PLUS DLL, which causes these functions to treat the path to the XML configuration file as if it were the application path. Previous to this, Instant PLUS only used either the application path or the path of the Instant PLUS DLL to find the license file. Using the XML path is especially useful for applications that need to be installed in a different location from the process’s binary or the Instant PLUS DLL (such as a Microsoft Office add-in or macro, an application using Network Floating Licensing, etc…).

Read the full Instant PLUS release notes here.

Protection PLUS

Protection PLUS 4 has been a trusted licensing solution for many years! It has a strong set of licensing features, and our focus has been on adding new features to the next product line: Protection PLUS 5. Protection PLUS 4 users can rest assured that we will continue to support all Protection PLUS 4 APIs in a maintenance mode for the foreseeable future. This means it will only receive bug, security, and critical fixes going forward, which should be minimal considering Protection PLUS 4’s long history of stability. We will be updating all product literature at our website to focus on Instant PLUS and Protection PLUS 5. While Protection PLUS 4 has proven its effectiveness over many years, we do encourage current Protection PLUS 4 users to consider upgrading to the newer Protection PLUS 5 API.

Some notable changes in version include:

  • Now installs digitally signed libraries, which is often necessary for Microsoft certifications.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1i
  • Migrated the manual to a newer system so our web output now supports modern browsers.

Read the full Protection PLUS 4 release notes here.

Separate installers for Instant PLUS and Protection PLUS

Instant PLUS is no longer installed with Protection PLUS 4. Instant PLUS may still be downloaded and installed/updated through a separate installer by users with active Protection PLUS 4 software maintenance.

To download the latest version of Protection PLUS and/or Instant PLUS:

  1. Go to and click Customer Login at the top of the page.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Downloads button.
  3. Choose the appropriate “Protection PLUS 4” product (which will include the option to download Instant PLUS).
  4. Review and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  5. Choose the download you want, as shown on this screen:


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