Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version Released

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Posted:  July 7

Protection PLUS Release

This release of Protection PLUS 5 SDK includes updates and new editions, whose development was made possible by the outstanding work already invested into Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition. Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition preview and Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition preview are now available! If you are interested in licensing your Java SE or LabVIEW applications, please contact us for more information. Protection PLUS 5 SDK Android Edition is also available from a previous release.

License Manager, while still included with Protection PLUS 5 SDK developer workstation licenses, is now also available separately! This allows you to purchase additional workstation licenses for License Manager without having to purchase an entire Protection PLUS 5 SDK developer workstation license. This makes it easier and more cost effective for your staff to leverage License Manager to support your customers.

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version has been tested and verified in Windows 10 preview and VirtualBox 5 beta.

Some important changes to Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition include:

  • Updated dependencies, all of which address security advisories. This includes updates to libcurl 7.43.0, and OpenSSL 1.0.2c.
  • PLUSNative static libraries now use OpenSSL libraries built with no-ssl3 specified to ensure SSLv3 support is completely disabled going forward. Consequently, this means support for TLS 1.0 or later is required for anyone self-hosting SOLO Server.
  • PLUSNative now uses libcurl’s WinSSL/Schannel implementation in Windows by default. Anyone using their own builds of libcurls that do not use WinSSL/Schannel with our dependency-free static libraries may need to specify the SK_FLAGS_VALIDATE_EXPORTED_CA_CERTS flag when calling SK_ApiContextInitiallize in Windows.

For more details, please read the release notes.

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