Protection PLUS July 2017 releases

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Posted:  July 17

Protection PLUS Release

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version

With this new version of Protection PLUS 5 SDK, Visual Studio 2017 compatibility has been verified, and the new IDE is fully supported (including new sample projects). We also added new samples using WPF and the MVVM model, which simplifies integration of our licensing into your own MVVM application. Another new sample we have added is a Visual Basic .NET Cloud Controlled Network Floating Licensing sample to complement our existing C# sample.

View the release notes for a complete list of changes.

Instant Protection PLUS version

This new release of the Instant Protection PLUS 3 licensing client includes several new and exciting changes…

  • The screen that allowed you to create a new Product in SOLO Server from directly inside the Instant Protection PLUS 3 wizard has been removed. Users should instead use our new SOLO Server Product Wizard, which offers a much richer and easier experience!
  • We have increased our testing with Windows Text Size (DPI) as 4K monitors are becoming mainstream. Our licensing dialog text and controls now scale much better when the Windows Text Size is set to a value greater than 100%.
  • We changed the way Instant Protection PLUS 3 synchronizes settings with SOLO Server to simplify the communication to retrieve Product information. While this will not affect the way you sign-in, you may notice we integrated the sign-in to SOLO Server right into the wizard instead of the former pop-up dialog.

Are you new to using Instant Protection PLUS 3 with SOLO Server? We have a two-part tutorial in our manual that takes you through the entire process of syncing Instant Protection PLUS with SOLO Server, wrapping an application, creating a test license in SOLO Server, and finally activating and remotely deactivating the application. The tutorial includes helpful tips throughout!

View the release notes here for a complete list of changes.

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